MADINA il corpo di ballo


MADINA Roberto Bolle .ph Brescia e Amisano ©Teatro alla Scala  (1)

Mauro Bigonzetti in prova alla Scala - ph Brescia e Amisano

Fabio Vacchi




Mauro Bigonzetti / Fabio Vacchi
From 28 February to 9 March 2024
1 hour and 20 minutes without intermission

Music by Fabio Vacchi

Libretto by Emmanuelle de Villepin based on her novel La ragazza che non voleva morire

Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company, Chorus and Orchestra

Teatro alla Scala production

Commission by Teatro alla Scala and SIAE

Lights and scenesCARLO CERRI
Collaborator costume designerIRENE MONTI
Video designerCARLO CERRI
Video designerMARCO NOVIELLO

Étoile Roberto Bolle (28 Feb.; 2, 7, 9 Mar.)
Tenore Paolo Antognetti
Mezzo-soprano Anna-Doris Capitelli
Attore Francesco Aricò (28 Feb.; 1, 2 Mar.) / Fabrizio Falco (6, 7, 9 Mar.)

In brief

After the success of the world premiere, Madina returns to La Scala. This is a new project in both its approach and its hemes, current but universal, and rarely expressed in ballet. The events, based on a true story, revolve around a young girl named Madina who grows up in a land devastated by a war that claims her parents. Driven by her family to carry out a suicide attack in a Western city, she chooses at the last minute not to die and not to kill, and is put on trial. It is a story of ancestral impulses, symbolic places, and the perverse dynamics of self-destructive violence, where good and evil are pitted against each other but also continue to intermix. With choreography by Mauro Bigonzetti and music composed by Fabio Vacchi to the libretto by Emmanuelle de Villepin from her novel La ragazza che non voleva morire, it is a work of both dance and theatre, where words, song, music, and body come together in a synthesis of the traditional and contemporary forms of musical theatre, breaking down the divisions mong these different forms of expression.