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Le Corsaire

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  • Manuel Legris ph Brescia e Amisano ©Teatro alla Scala gallery
  • Valery Ovsyanikov
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 28 February to 17 March 2023
Adolphe Adam and others

Ballet in three acts, one prologue and one epilogue

Teatro alla Scala New Production


Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company and Orchestra

With the participation of the students of Teatro alla Scala Academy's Ballet School

Dramaturgy and libretto

by Manuel Legris and Jean-François Vazelle

from Lord Byron, Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Joseph Mazilier


Manuel Legris

from Marius Petipa and others

Conductor Valery Ovsyanikov

Adolphe Adam and others

selection Manuel Legris

arrangement Igor Zapravdin

orchestration Thomas Heinisch and Gábor Kerény

Sets and costumes Luisa Spinatelli
Lights Andrea Giretti

The version of Le Corsaire by Manuel Legris arrives at La Scala, his first revival of a nineteenth century classic, fully highlighting the intent and innovativeness of his choreographic approach and his musical and dramaturgic quest. With its clear and accessible plot, notable attention to musicality and relations among characters, the sumptuous and evocative décor and costumes by Luisa Spinatelli, it will be an occasion recombining the energy virtuosity, the lyricism and romanticism of one of the 19th century’s most adventurous and thrilling ballets d’action with the talents of the La Scala dancers.