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Attila - 7 December Opening Night

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7 December 2018
Giuseppe Verdi

Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes intermission included

Teatro alla Scala Chorus and Orchestra

Treble Voice Chorus of the Teatro alla Scala Academy

Teatro alla Scala New Production


FIRST PART 73 minutes / Intermission 35 minutes / SECOND PART 47 minutes

Conductor Riccardo Chailly
Staging Davide Livermore
Sets Giò Forma
Costumes Gianluca Falaschi
Lights Antonio Castro
Video D-wok


Attila Ildar Abdrazakov
Odabella Saioa Hernández
Ezio George Petean
Foresto Fabio Sartori
Uldino Francesco Pittari
Leone Gianluca Buratto


The Premiere will be broadcast live on television by Rai 1, Arte (France, Germany), Ceska Televiza (Czech Republic), MTVA (Unghery) and RSI (Switzerland) along with the movie theaters of the All’Opera circuit and the radios of the Euroradio circuit. It will be also broadcast, but not live, on RTP (Portugal), NHK (Japan) and Il Media (South Korea).



First staged at the Teatro La Fenice in 1846, Verdi’s ninth opera, Attila, returns to the stage of La Scala on December 7th. Following the inauguration of the 2015-2016 Season with Giovanna d’Arco and in anticipation of Macbeth, with Attila Musical Director Riccardo Chailly continues his study of Verdi’s early works, renewing a successful collaboration with creative director Davide Livermore that began with his acclaimed production of Donizetti’s Don Pasquale for La Scala. In this complex opera Verdi experiments with fresh perspectives, featuring spectacular historical settings, introspective angles and moral uncertainties. Attila demands of its performers not only passion and confidence, but also the ability to find subtle accents and psychological nuances.



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