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The Teatro alla Scala Chorus is synonymous with prestige and artistic quality, in Italy and worldwide.


The level of excellence attained is the fruit of the patient and meticulous work carried out over the years by chorus masters with the greatest sensitivity.


Important names should be mentioned: Vittore Veneziani, called by Toscanini in the immediate post-war period; Norberto Mola; the very strict Roberto Benaglio, a real sound engineer, between the 60s and 70s; Romano Gandolfi with Claudio Abbado.


More recently, Giulio Bertola, at the top of his skills, succeeded in giving as much importance to the symphony as to the opera repertoire. Then, in the 90s, Roberto Gabbiani gave Riccardo Muti a choir with gothic strings. He also strengthened the modern repertoire (Dallapiccola, Petrassi, Penderecki...) and the ancient (Gesualdo da Venosa), as well as Richard Strauss’s.


With Bruno Casoni, the current chorus master and a wise expert of voices (including treble ones), we get to that typical opera stage sound, powerful and moving at the same time.


Although the chorus mainly performs the opera repertoire, its flexibility allows it to face different types of concert: from the choral-symphony repertoire to chamber music, from the polyphonic repertoire to musicological researches, to the contemporary 20th century repertoire, with especially-composed pieces. Among these repertoires, it is worth mentioning the Mottetti and the Tres sacrae cantiones by Gesualdo da Venosa, the Missa Super iniquos odio habui by Luca Marenzio, the Missa L'homme armé by Carissimi and, above of all, the Messa da Requiem by Verdi, which is considered the highlight of the Chorus repertoire.


Over the years, the Chorus, as well as all the other companies of the Teatro alla Scala, has taken part in numerous and successful European and world tours in Russia, the United States, Canada, Japan and Korea.



Members of the Chorus