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Caruso, Corelli, Di Stefano - Italian Opera Legends

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Italian, English and Spanish


One hundred years ago, in 1921, Enrico Caruso, one of the most famous singers in history, passed away in Naples. In that same year two of the renowned tenors of the last century were born: Giuseppe Di Stefano and Franco Corelli, who at La Scala were protagonists of some legendary shows.


The centenarians are an opportunity to remember three artists, who have represented and spread Italian culture in the world by bringing the nineteenth-century myth of the tenor into modernity, through a virtual exhibition entitled Caruso, Corelli, Di Stefano - Italian Opera Legends. The exhibition is an initiative by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, it is produced by La Scala Theater and realized by La Scala Theatre Museum.


The exhibition, curated by the music critic Mattia Palma, can be visited remotely starting from 2 August 2021, the centenary of Caruso's death, for the duration of one year. It is available on italiana.esteri.it, the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dedicated to promotion of the Italian language, culture and creativity in the world, and on La Scala Theater websiteAccess to the exhibition is totally free.


The digital exhibition’s formula takes up and updates the innovative spirit of Enrico Caruso, a pioneer already at the end of the 19th century of phonographic recordings that would have sanctioned the world legend, still making use of the most advanced forms of technology and communication today. Punto Rec Studio, Multimedia Factory for culture, art and music based in Turin, has created a virtual space divided into several rooms that reproduce real spaces of La Scala Theatre, immediately recognizable at international level, by inserting a virtual architectural setting designed by Lorenzo Greppi (Studio Greppi). The exhibition will be divided into different rooms in which the visitor can move freely and, through the interaction with sensitive points (hotspots), enter the themes and contents of each section, including videos made by Punto Rec drawing on materials granted by Rai Teche and the listening made possible by the collaboration with Warner Classics.



An initiative by

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation



Music provided by

 Warner Classics