Just like the Teatro alla Scala, Collistar also brings beauty to the stage. It’s story, starting in 1983, narrates the love for cosmetics and has as a protagonist the Italian Beauty, authentic and spontaneous, accompanied by the passion for innovation. The setting of this narration is Milan, city with which Collistar has a strong bond, not only for its roots, but as a choice, because Collistar has always promoted the city’s innate and elegant beauty.

The brand, with over 40 years of history and 21 years of leadership, strengthens even more its bond with Milan by forging a partnership with an iconic reality for the entire world, with which it shares passion, style and innovation. The partnership, renewed for the second year, consists in providing all of the artists with Collistar make-up and skincare products. Furthermore, the brand will support the activities of the Teatro alla Scala Academy, which trains emerging young talents in the entertainment-related disciplines.

Just like beauty is present on the stage of the Teatro alla Scala every day, since each art form is an expression of beauty, Collistar creates formulas that aim at highlighting the natural and spontaneous beauty of each one of us by researching what is best for the skin and the planet, according to the high standards of its beauty philosophy Collistar Clean Research®.

It is a privilege and an honor to share this seasons with a reality that is the symbol of culture and Italian excellence all around the world, values that Collistar aspires to everyday, by celebrating that sense of belonging 100% made in Milano.


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