Under30/35 Subscriptions

Under30/35 Subscriptions


To young people born up to 36 years old, Teatro alla Scala offers a wide range of convenient and flexible subscription options for the 2024/2025 Season.
Subscribers enjoy a discount ranging from 50% to 65% depending on the age class (Under30 if born from 1994 onwards / Under35 if born from 1989 onwards) and on the type/number of performances chosen (a fixed series of 4 performances or 3 shows of your choice).

Moreover, subscribers have automatic access to the Pass reserved area and benefits.
Subscribers Under30 can also purchase the best tickets for the special Under30 previews in advance.

Fixed date
(4 performances)

The heart of the Under30/35 project are the two fixed date series, composed by four performances each (4 operas or 4 ballets), where you can enjoy the maximum disxount (up to 4 shows at the price of one).

Moreover, before each performance in the fixed series, you are invited to a special welcome drink and introduction with the artists (until seats last).

For fixed date series, it is also possible to add a subscription for an over35 accompanying person, normally not available online, by writing to [email protected].

Performances included  


1. Tosca Tuesday 25/03/2025
2. Kurt Weill Triple-Bill Saturday 17/05/2025
3. La Cenerentola Tuesday 09/09/2025
4. Così fan tutte Sunday 23/11/2025


 PRICES   Under30 Under35 Over35*
Parterre or Box   320€ 470€ 810€
Parterre or Box   270€ 390€ 670€
Box (limited view)   195€ 290€ 480€
Box (no view)   95€ 160€ 290€
Box (no view)   85€ 120€ 210€

*A subscription for an over35 accompanying person (not available online) can be requested by writing to [email protected]

Performances included  


1. Kratz / Preljocaj / De Bana Wednesday 12/03/2025
2. Paquita Wednesday 25/06/2025
3. Swan Lake Tuesday 15/07/2025
4. Aspects of Nijinsky Friday 26/09/2025


 PRICES   Under30 Under35 Over35*
Parterre or Box   250€ 295€ 530€
Parterre or Box   190€ 240€ 430€
Box (limited view)   130€ 180€ 320€
Box (no view)   85€ 120€ 210€
Box (no view)   70€ 95€ 170€

*A subscription for an over35 accompanying person (not available online) can be requested by writing to [email protected]

Libero at choice
(3 performances)

Build your own Under35 subscription by choosing three performances among a selection of diversified options.
The Libero Opera/Ballet offers a choice between four opera and/or four ballet titles; the Libero Concerti formula lists symphonic concerts, concert operas, voice and piano recitals; the Libero Thursdays finally focuses on the 8 special nights of the Under30/35 Thursdays that incliude a welcome drink.

During the purchase, first pick a subscription type and sector/price. Specific dates and seats can be decided immediately or later on.

2024/2025 Libero subscriptions will be available for sale from 27 September 2024.

Choose 3 titles and the preferred dates (except if turno Prime, A, B, P, R) among the following 8 options:

on sale from 27/09/2024
Opera Falstaff
Opera Evgenij Onegin
Opera L'opera seria
Opera Kurt Weill Triple-bill
Balletto Kratz / Preljocaj / De Bana
Balletto Peer Gynt
Balletto Paquita
Balletto William Forsythe Night


 PRICES   Under30 Under35
Parterre or box   255€ 375€
Parterre or box   195€ 285€
Box (limited view)   150€ 210€
Box (no view)   120€ 165€
Box (no view)   90€ 190€

Choose 3 concerts and the preferred date (if more than one is available for the same program) among the following options:

On sale from 27/09/2024
Symphonic Lorenzo Viotti
Symphonic Riccardo Chailly / Bruckner
Symphonic Susanna Mälkki
Voice recital Asmik Grigorian
Voice recitals Erwin Schrott
Piano recitals Nikolai Lugansky
Piano recitals Igor Levit
Opera in concert Mitridate, re di Ponto
Opera in concert Les Indes Galantes


 PRICES   Under30 Under35
Parterre or box   120€ 160€
Box   90€ 120€

Choose 3 performances among the 8 special nights of the Under30/35 Thursdays cycle, always including a welcome drink 45 minutes before the beginning of the show:

on sale from 27/09/2024
Opera Falstaff 23/01/2025
Ballet Kratz / Preljocaj / De Bana 06/03/2025
Opera L'opera seria 03/04/2025
Ballet Paquita 26/06/2025
Opera La Cenerentola 11/09/2025
Ballet Aspects of Nijinsky 02/10/2025
Opera Rigoletto 16/10/2025
Ballet William Forsythe Night 13/11/2025


 PRICES   Under30 Under35
Parterre or box   255€ 375€
Parterre or box   195€ 285€
Box (limited view)   150€ 210€
Box (no view)   120€ 165€
Box (no view)   90€ 190€

How to subscribe

Under30/35 Subscriptions for the 2024/2025 Season can be booked:

  • starting from 29 May 2024 for fixed date options;
  • starting from 27 September 2024 for Libero options.

Subscriptions can be booked online, by email to [email protected] or at the box office.

If you hold a fixed date Subcription for the previous season, you are entitled to confirm your seat for the upcoming season until 19 September 2024:

  • online in your reserved area of the webshop, under "Reservation and renewals";
  • by email to [email protected];
  • by phone to the dedicated call center +39 02 99901922 (Mon-Sat, 12 noon - 6pm);
  • at the box office in the normal opening hours (Mon-Sat, 12 noon - 6pm).