Scholastic Institutions

Scholastic Institutions

Primary schools traditionally have the opportunity to join the performances scheduled in the morning hours. Opere per i Piccoli is a series of operas for an audience of young spectators, which also offers them the opportunity to enjoy musical theatre, the art form closest to the child's play, thanks to the coexistence of expressive means such as speech and song, sounds and noises, gestures and movements, light and shadow. Each performance lasts about 60 minutes, perfect for the youngest children.

  • Age of participants: 7/ 13 years
  • Location: Teatro alla Scala
  • Show duration: approx. 1 hour without intermission

To join the offers:

  1. Regulations and general information to be read carefully before applying for membership: click here
  2. Application form > download the application form and send it to [email protected]

The request does not represent a reservation, it must be confirmed by a reply e-mail.

  • Cost: Students € 15 stalls and boxes, € 10 gallery. Accompanying persons € 1 
  • Payments:
    Payments can be made either by the School, the Teacher or a cultural worker. Payments can be made: credit card, debit card, bank transfer

Payment, in whichever form chosen, must be made BEFORE the performance and at least 14 days before the performance in the case of payment by bank transfer, and at least 7 days before if by other way. 

Emanuela Spaccapietra
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tel. +39 0288792021


Il piccolo principe


Il piccolo spazzacamino

First-level Secondary schools can attend afternoon and evening events such as:

  • Ciclo Invito alla Scala Balletti, a selection of performances from the traditional playbill at a discounted price for students participating in G.I.S.
  • Ciclo Invito alla Scala Concerti, a series of concerts designed for young audience in a lecture-shows format; a step-by-step path of listening education, with the aim of exploring the contents in an engaging way. 
  • Morning rehearsals of the Philharmonic Orchestra's Season selected on the basis of the accessibility of the programmes; students will have the opportunity to get closer to the world of symphonic music by listening live to the last rehearsal on the first performance day. They will have the opportunity not only to listen to the international scene greatest conductors, but also to witness an important and delicate phase of the work. 
  • Ciclo Grande Opere per Piccoli: find out more in Primary Schools section

To find out the calendar for Ballets and Concerts of the Ciclo Invito alla Scala and the Rehearsals download the BROCHURE of the Cultural Promotion Service (the selection of offers for first-level secondary schools is indicated in the brochure by the letter M)  

Application for membership: 
Application form by sending it to [email protected]

The request does not represent a reservation, it will have to be confirmed by an e-mail reply from the Cultural Promotion Service.

Emanuela Spaccapietra
Tel: +39 0288792021

Secondary School (high school) students have the opportunity to attend not only the afternoon Ballet and Chamber Concert performances of the Ciclo Invito alla Scala, but also some evening Opera and Ballet performances included in the regular Season programme, as well as the morning rehearsals of the La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra and subscriptions to the Symphonic Season, the Singing Season and all other Concert Seasons.

The performances on offer are placed within specially created cultural path, with the aim of making young spectators conscious involvement.

To find out the Cultural Promotion Service’s offers, download the BROCHURE here.

Application form

Roberto Bossi 
[email protected]
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