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Weill Triptych

08:00 PM
Series Opera Premiere
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Weill Triptych

Kurt Weill
From 14 to 30 May 2025
2 hours and 40 minutes circa intermissions included
Die Sieben Todsünden
Happy End

Teatro alla Scala Orchestra

Teatro alla Scala New Production

Staging and videosIRINA BROOK


Die sieben Todsünden

Ballet chanté
Libretto by Bertolt Brecht

Anna I

Alma Sadé

Anna II Lauren Michelle
Fratello Elliott Carlton Hines

Andrew Harris

Padre Matthäus Schmidlechner
Fratello Michael Smallwood
Attore Geoffrey Carey



Opera in three parts
Libretto by Bertolt Brecht

Jimmy Andrew Harris
Bobby Elliott Carlton Hines

Michael Smallwood

Charlie Matthäus Schmidlechner
Jessie Lauren Michelle
Bessie Alma Sadé
Attore Geoffrey Carey


Happy End

Musical in three acts
Libretto by Dorothy Lane (alias Elisabeth Hauptmann) and Bertolt Brecht

Bill Cracker Markus Werba
Sam Worlitzer Elliott Carlton Hines
Captain der Heilsarmee Matthäus Schmidlechner
Hanibal Jackson Michael Smallwood
Die Dame in Grau Natascha Petrinsky
Jane Lauren Michelle
Attore Geoffrey Carey

In brief

The opportunity to downsize orchestras and scenery ‘facilitated’ by the long months of the pandemic has led to the creation of a small jewel of theatre and music, the diptych dedicated to Kurt Weill by Riccardo Chailly. Director Irina Brook reread Bertolt Brecht’s caustic social commentary from an environmental angle, inventing a minimalistic scenography with discarded materials and a sea of plastic bottles. The diptych comprising Die sieben Todsünden and Mahagonny Songspiel now becomes a triptych with the addition of a new production of Happy End, which introduces “Surabaya Johnny” among the other famous pieces performed (including “Alabama-Song”).