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1 Reveal prove in sala Claudio Coviello.ph Brescia e Amisano ©Teatro alla Scala (3)

3 MEMENTO Simone Valastro in prova con gli artisti del balletto scaligero ph Brescia e Amisano © Teatro alla Scala (10)

Paul Lightfoot - ph Elena Lekhova

Sol Leon - phTommy Pascal

1 REVEAL prove in sala Garrett Smith Andrea Crescenzi Rinaldo Venuti ph Brescia e Amisano © Teatro alla Scala (1)

Smith/León and Lightfoot/Valastro

08:00 PM
Series Ballet Premiere
08:00 PM
Series P Ballet Subs.
08:00 PM
Out of Subs.
08:00 PM
Invitation La Scala
08:00 PM
Series R Ballet Subs.
08:00 PM
Series H

Smith/León and Lightfoot/Valastro

Garrett Smith, Sol León & Paul Lightfoot, Simone Valastro
From 7 to 18 February 2024
1 hour and 41 minutes intermission included

Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company



Teatro alla Scala New Production

Garrett Smith, coreography 
Jessica Collado, Maude Sabourin, coreographer assistants
Philip Glass​​​​​​​, music
Monica Guerra, costumes
Michael Mazzola, lights


Production AT&T Danstheater, The Hague, 1996
Teatro alla Scala New Production

Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, coreography, sets and costumes
Jorge Nozal, coreographer assistant
Gioachino Rossini, music
Tom Bevoort, lights


Teatro alla Scala New Production
World Premiere

Simone Valastro, coreography
Max Richter and David Lang, music
Thomas Mika, sets and costumes
Konstantin Binkin, lights

In brief

Pre-recorded music

New choreographic signatures, new debuts: the European premiere of Reveal, created for Houston Ballet, showcases the style of Garrett Smith, an eclectic dancer and choreographer with a large international following. Of his three “meditative” ballets, Reveal focuses on duality in its many forms, showing the hidden parts of both sides of the coin. Explosive energy, irony and experimentation on movement: this is Skew-Whiff, a special combination of contemporary choreography and classical music, an iconic work by Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, a highly original choreographic duo active since 1989, in residence at the Nederlands Dans Theater from 2002 to 2020 with over sixty creations. A graduate of La Scala and a former dancer at the Paris Opéra, with a choreographic career in eminent companies, Simone Valastro, after reprising his duet Árbakkinn, will now make the most of the Company’s potential, the strength of the group, and the personality of the soloists in the world premiere of his new creation, Memento.

Reveal 25’
Intermission 25’

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