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Li zite ngalera

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  • MARCON Andrea  3
  • Muscato Leo 1 ph Thilo Beu
  • Aspromonte ph. nicola dal maso
  • Amarù 8 sito
  • Set Francesca Vitale Gianluca Munari 01 10 2020 003
  • alberto allegrezza
  • Filippo Mineccia no1 © Davide Carson
  • Raffaele Pe Ph. MicheleMonasta A2 3699
  • Marco Filippo Romano HD 3 @EnricoMagri
From 4 to 21 April 2023
Leonardo Vinci

Comedy in music in three acts

Libretto by Bernardo Saddumene


Teatro alla Scala New Production

Teatro alla Scala Orchestra on historical instruments

Conductor Andrea Marcon
Staging Leo Muscato
Sets Federica Parolini
Costumes Silvia Aymonino
Lights Alessandro Verazzi


Carlo Celmino Francesca Aspromonte
Belluccia Mariano Chiara Amarù
Ciomma Palummo Francesca Pia Vitale
Federico Mariano Filippo Morace
Titta Castagna Filippo Mineccia
Meneca Vernillo Alberto Allegrezza
Ciccariello Raffaele Pe
Repisto Marco Filippo Romano
Col’Agnolo Antonino Siragusa
Na schiavottella Fan Zhou

The performance on 4 Aprile will be broadcast on RAI Radio3.


The performance of 21 April will be live streamed on LaScalaTv. The shots may incidentally frame the audience (in whole or in part).

The performance of 4 and 12 April will be audio-visually recorded. The shots may incidentally frame the audience (in whole or in part).

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The project to rediscover and relaunch the Italian baroque repertoire, triumphantly inaugurated in 2021 with La Calisto, a Venetian title by Francesco Cavalli, now lands on Neapolitan soil with Li zite ngalera: Bernardo Saddumene’s irresistible verses in the local dialect set to music by Leonardo Vinci. Disguises and misunderstandings make for engaging comedy while the felicitous settings and characters are entrusted to the talents of Leo Muscato, who recently won the hearts of the La Scala audience with a new Barbiere di Siviglia, and to the musical flair of a specialist of the calibre of Andrea Marcon. The cast is youthful, spontaneous, and Neapolitan mother-tongue, featuring Chiara Amarù, Francesca Pia Vitale, Francesca Aspromonte, and Marco Filippo Romano, Raffaele Pe, Filippo Mineccia.