Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about ticket sales for Opera and Ballet Previews.

Is it necessary to have a pass or season ticket to attend the evening?
No, it is not necessary to purchase a pass or season ticket to attend the preview.
Can I purchase tickets for the preview even if I have already celebrated my thirtieth birthday?
Yes, the preview is for persons aged up to and including 30.
Can another person purchase a ticket on my behalf?
Tickets may be purchased by another person, even over the age of 30. In the purchase procedure, the names and dates of birth of users will be requested, who must be UNDER 30. Verification of age requirements is carried out at the entrance to the theatre by showing an identity document.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can purchase?
Up to two tickets can be purchased per person.
Is there a risk that while I am queuing at the box office all the tickets will be sold out on the Internet circuit when sales open at 10 am?
Sales open first online, therefore it is possible that the availability of tickets runs out very quickly, and attendance at the ticket office is not recommended.

Can a holder of a companion subscription purchase tickets for the Preview?
No, because they are aged over 30, and the Preview is reserved for under-30s.
Can I purchase tickets online using Postepay?
Yes, you can pay by Postepay.
Can I purchase my ticket by telephone?
No, it is not possible to purchase a ticket for the Preview by telephone.
Does my Pass entitle me to purchase tickets for the Preview on a first-refusal basis?
No, priority is reserved exclusively for holders of an OperaUNDER30 or BalletUNDER30 and LiberoUNDER30 Season Ticket.