ANIMA ANIMUS. Alice Mariani ph Brescia e Amisano ©Teatro alla Scala (4)


Dawson / Duato / Kratz / Kylián

08:00 PM
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Dawson / Duato / Kratz / Kylián

2 February 2023

Dawson / Duato / Kratz / Kylián

Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company


Anima Animus

Teatro alla Scala New Production


David Dawson, choreography 
Ezio Bosso, music
John Otto, sets
Yumiko Takeshima, costumes
James F. Ingalls, lights

Teatro alla Scala New Production


Nacho Duato, choreography, sets and costumes
Enrique Granados, music
Brad Fields, lights

Takahiro Yoshikawa, piano

Roberto Bolle, Étoile

Solitude Sometimes

Teatro alla Scala New Production
World premiere

Philippe Kratz, choreography

Thom Yorke e Radiohead, music
Carlo Cerri e Philippe Kratz, sets
Francesco Casarotto, costumes
Carlo Cerri, lights

Carlo Cerri, Alessandro Grisendi e Marco Noviello, video designer

Bella Figura

Wiener Staatsballett production, 2011

Sets and costumes manufactured by ART FOR ART Theaterservice GmbH, Vienna

Premiere 12 October 1995, Nederlands Dans Theater, AT&T Danstheater, The Hague

Jiří Kylián, choreography

Lukas Foss, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Alessandro Marcello, Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Torelli, music
Jiří Kylián, sets and lights
Joke Visser, costumes

Kees Tjebbes, lights revived

Joost Biegelaar, lights and sets supervisor

In breve

Four names of great originality bring together different generations and creative universes in a richly suggestive performance. Catharsis and rebirth in a world premiere by Philippe Kratz, who plunges into Egyptian mythology to their ascend towards the light. Rich in contrasts, with music by Ezio Bosso, Anima Animus by David Dawson,  here in its Italian debut, combines virtuosity, emotions, physicality, and humanity. A celebration of beauty, which emerges from even the most bizarre and unexpected movement, Bella Figura returns in homage to the mastery of Jiří Kylián; and Nacho Duato is back too, this time with Roberto Bolle in a male trio who have never performed at La Scala, in Remanso, set to Enrique Granados' Valses poéticos and inspired by the universe of Federico García Lorca.

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