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Lalla and Skali and... the Mangianeve Monster

  • L&S gallery ph Brescia e Amisano ©Teatro alla Scala
  • L&S gallery 2 .ph Brescia e Amisano ©Teatro alla Scala
  • Coro voci bianche 666041BADG  ph Brescia e Amisano © Teatro alla Scala
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
23 December 2021
Treble Voices Chorus of the Teatro alla Scala Academy
Conductor Bruno Casoni
Piano Marco De Gaspari
Staging Mario Acampa
Projection Riccardo Alessandri
Lalla Mirjam Schiavello
Skali Matteo Sala


John Williams

Somewhere in my memory

Edward Elgar

Fly, singing bird

Gustav Holst

Song of the Fishermen

Benjamin Britten

from The Little Sweep

The night Song

Mykola Leontovic

Carol of the bells

James Papoulis

Give us hope

John Rutter

Christmas Lullaby

John Williams

from Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!,

Great finale


Concerts curated by Mario Acampa


Deep in the nooks and crannies of the theatre, Lalla and Skali find a magical book that tells the story of King Evergreen and a woods where playing is forbidden. But what happens when the little Princess Florabella disobeys? Nature is ready to come to her aid. Music, stories, and the amaizing Teatro alla Scala Academy Children's Choir, a walking dream of snow in the theatre as Christmas approaches.