“Puccini” is plural

14 March 2022
Teatro alla Scala String Quartet
Violin Francesco Manara
Violin Davide Pascoletti
Viola Simonide Braconi
Cello Massimo Polidori
Piano Simone Soldati

Music by Boccherini, Puccini


Shows written and directed by Mario Acampa


What if we were to tell you that the great-great-grandfather of the composer of Turandot was also named Giacomo Puccini? And if, among other things, he was maestro at the Palatine Chapel of Lucca, where Luigi Boccherini performed as a solo cellist? Poetry, letters, stories, and anecdotes acquaint us better with a great family of composers, who have contributed so much to music from the eighteenth century to the modern day, always bringing powerful emotions to the stage.