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  • Riccardo Chailly
  • Anna Netrebko by Julian Hargreaves 3
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  • Saioa Hernandez ph Lourdes Balduque Gallery
  • CUT David Livermore ph Brescia e Amisano © Teatro alla Scala  644738BADG
  • Salsi Luca PH. Fabrizio de Blasio (71)
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  • Tosca 2 atto (Meli e Salsi) 183 ph Brescia e Amisano
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  • Tosca Netrebko def
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 10 December 2019 to 8 January 2020
Giacomo Puccini

Running Time: 3 hours intermissions included

Teatro alla Scala Chorus and Orchestra

New Teatro alla Scala production


FIRST ACT 45 minutes / Intermission 30 minutes / SECOND ACT 45 minutes / Intermission 30 minutes / THIRD ACT 30 minutes

Conductor Riccardo Chailly
Staging Davide Livermore
Sets Giò Forma
Costumes Gianluca Falaschi
Lights Antonio Castro




Anna Netrebko

Saioa Hernández (19 and 22 Dec., 2, 5, 8 Jan.)


Francesco Meli

Otar Jorjikia (16 Dec.)

Scarpia Luca Salsi
Angelotti Carlo Cigni
Sagrestano Alfonso Antoniozzi
Spoletta Carlo Bosi
Sciarrone Giulio Mastrototaro
Carceriere Ernesto Panariello
Pastore Gianluigi Sartori

Due to a sudden illness, Anna Netrebko is forced to cancel the two performances of Tosca on 19th and 22nd December. 
Teatro alla Scala would like to thank Saioa Hernández that will sing the role of Floria Tosca in these and the remaining dates.




With the new production of Tosca in Roger Parker’s critical edition for Ricordi, Music Director Riccardo Chailly continues his project of presenting Giacomo Puccini’s operas in the light of the latest musicological research, with which he has already brought Turandot, La fanciulla del West, Madama Butterfly and Manon Lescaut back to La Scala. While over the course of the decades the work of Gioachino Rossini and Giuseppe Verdi has been re-evaluated thanks to critical editions and the examination of variants, Giacomo Puccini’s masterpieces have so far been presented in versions that often unwittingly bore the incrustations of tradition; hence the importance of this proposal. However, this opening Tosca will be above all a celebration of music – thanks also to the superb voices of Anna Netrebko, Francesco Meli and Luca Salsi – and of theatre, with the return of director Davide Livermore and set designers Giò Forma, already greatly acclaimed for Attila of 7 December 2018.