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  • Damiano Michieletto 595216BADG ph Brescia e Amisano SITO
  • Michael Volle
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 8 to 31 March 2020
Richard Strauss

Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Teatro alla Scala Orchestra

New Teatro alla Scala production

Conductor Riccardo Chailly
Staging Damiano Michieletto
Sets Paolo Fantin
Costumes Carla Teti
Lights Alessandro Carletti
Choreography Thomas Wilhelm


Herodes Roberto Saccà
Herodias Anna Maria Chiuri
Salome Malin Bystroem
Jochanaan Michael Volle
Narraboth Attilio Glaser
Ein Page der Erodias Roberta Alexander
Fünf Juden

Matthäus Schmidlechner

Michael Porter

Garrie Davislim

Sascha Kramer

Michael Nagl

Zwei Nazarener

Thomas Tatzl

Paul Grant*

Zwei Soldaten

Florian Spiess

Dominic Barberi

Ein Kappadozier Giorgi Lomiseli
Ein sklave Chuan Wang

*Soloists La Scala Academy




There is more than just the Italian repertoire in Riccardo Chailly’s heart, and over the years he has gained a wealth of experience in the operatic and symphonic field that is almost unparalleled in its variety, confirming his tireless curiosity as a musician. For his first Strauss at La Scala, the Music Director has picked Damiano Michieletto as director, Paolo Fantin for the sets and Carla Teti for the costumes: a team that in years of constant presence in all the major European theatres and festivals has managed to throw off the
superficial label of enfants terribles and impose itself as a landmark of contemporary
directing, combining visual impact and dramaturgical depth. There are great expectations for the cast, which alongside the protagonist Malin Byström, fresh from her triumph in London in the same role, includes Michael Volle as Jochanaan, Anna Maria Chiuri as Herodias and Roberto Saccà as Herodes.