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Roméo et Juliette

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Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 15 January to 16 February 2020
Charles Gounod

Running Time: 3 hours intermission included

Teatro alla Scala Chorus and Orchestra

Production of the The Metropolitan Opera, New York 


FIRST, SECOND, THIRD (I scene) ACT 80 minutes / Intermission 25 minutes / THIRD (II scene), FOURTH, FIFTH ACT 75 minutes

Conductor Lorenzo Viotti
Staging Bartlett Sher
revived by Dan Rigazzi
Sets Michael Yeargan
Costumes Catherine Zuber
Lights Jennifer Tipton
revived by Andrea Giretti
Weapon Master B.H. Barry
Choreographic movements Gianluca Schiavoni



Diana Damrau

Vannina Santoni (21 Jan.)

Roméo Vittorio Grigolo
Frère Laurent

Nicolas Testé

Dan Paul Dumitrescu (15 Jan.)

Mercutio Mattia Olivieri

Marina Viotti

Annalisa Stroppa (21 Jan.)

Le Comte Capulet Frédéric Caton
Tybalt Ruzil Gatin
Benvolio Paolo Nevi*
Gertrude Sara Mingardo
Le Comte Paris Edwin Fardini
Gregorio Paul Grant*
Le Duc Jean-Vincent Blot

* Soloists of La Scala Academy




Lorenzo Viotti, appointed conductor of the Amsterdam Opera at thirty years of age and already a feature of the seasons of the great European orchestras, will make his operatic debut at La Scala with a masterpiece of the French repertoire (his mother tongue) and an outstanding cast in which the stars Diana Damrau and Vittorio Grigolo, here in one of their signature roles, are joined by the darlings of the La Scala audience Mattia Olivieri and Sara Mingardo, and by Marina Viotti, named Young Singer of the Year at the International Opera Awards 2019. Bartlett Sher’s production, featuring a traditional set design and a modern approach to acting, was already appreciated at La Scala in 2011.