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  • Roberto Bolle in prova    archivio Scala   ph Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla Scala  sito (2)
  • Mauro Bigonzetti in prova alla Scala   ph Brescia e Amisano K61A1764
  • Fabio Vacchi.sito
  • Michele Gamba
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 22 March to 16 April 2020
Fabio Vacchi

Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company, Chorus and Orchestra


New Teatro alla Scala production

First performance ever

Commissioned by Teatro alla Scala and SIAE


Libretto by Emmanuelle de Villepin based on her novel La ragazza che non voleva morire.


Mauro Bigonzetti

Conductor Michele Gamba
Lights and sets Carlo Cerri
Costumes Maurizio Millenotti
Costume designer's collaborator Irene Monti
Étoile Roberto Bolle (22, 24 March; 1, 2., 16 April)
Mezzo-soprano Anna-Doris Capitelli
Tenor Chuan Wang
Actor Fabrizio Falco


La Scala presents the world premiere of Fabio Vacchi’s composition with choreographies
by Mauro Bigonzetti: a musical and choreographic creation, a project with a new approach to topical yet universal themes rarely expressed in ballet. Madina is based on a libretto by Emmanuelle de Villepin inspired by her novel La ragazza che non voleva morire. Young Madina has been forced to become a kamikaze but she decides not to kill. It is a stunning act that sets off reactions, conflicting feelings, and hope for change. Ancestral impulses, symbolic places, the perverse dynamics of violence and self-destruction depict a world where good and evil are opposed but continue to mingle. In this work of Dance and Theatre words, music and movement coexist in a synthesis of the traditional and contemporary forms of the many genres of musical theatre, erasing the boundaries between these diverse expressions.