Cultural Promotion Service

Promozione culturale

Teatro alla Scala’s Cultural Promotion Service offers diverse audiences of young and not-so-young people an opportunity to approach the world of musical theatre on considerably advantageous terms.

The Cultural Promotion Service dedicates ceaseless attention to the world of Schools, Municipal Libraries, the Departments of Culture and Social Policies, Senior Citizens’ Groups organized by the Department of Social Services, and all the Cultural Associations recognized by public administrations.

Thanks to the Cultural Promotion Service more than 100,000 spectators a year have a chance to experience Milan’s temple of music. The proposals, which are formulated and arranged on the basis of the ages and characteristics of the individual audience categories, have always been inspired by the idea of shared efforts to expose youths and citizens to an artistic heritage that we believe must form part of the cultural identity of us all.

Evening or afternoon Opera and Ballet performances, General Rehearsals of the Philharmonic Orchestra of La Scala, easy-listening Chamber music Concerts aimed at novice audiences, Singing Concerts, Symphony Concerts, Concerts by foreign Orchestras, and Operas written and produced exclusively for younger audiences (Great Operas for Children): these are the countless possibilities for audiences of all ages on offer once again this year.


How to participate

Differently from previous years, from this 2015/2016 Season onwards it will be even easier to gain access to the proposals of the Cultural Promotion Service: all you have to do is belong to one of the audience categories listed below:

* for Scholastic Institutions of every level (Primary Schools, First and Second level Secondary Schools, Universities, Colleges of Music and Municipal Schools of Music), only Teachers authorized or delegated by the Headmaster to act as Cultural Operations Managers;

* for Municipal Libraries, the Cultural Operations Manager must be designated by the Manager of the Library or by the Local Authority Councillor for Culture, or by an equivalent Municipal Authority;

* for Senior Citizens’ Groups, the Cultural Operations Manager must be delegated by the Councillor for Social Services or by the President of the Senior Citizens’ Group.


For each audience category, specially-devised cultural itineraries will be proposed in which the Cultural Operator shall coordinate and organize meetings, guided listening sessions, seminars and all the initiatives aimed at increasing cultural awareness and at well-informed audience participation in the performances.

Applications should highlight the title and the preferred date, and seats will be allocated subject to availability.

An application to attend is not a booking; rather, it is an indication of interest, to be followed by a notice of acceptance.

In order to access the opportunities offered by the Theatre, it is indispensable that you document the establishment of a G.I.S. (Group of Interest of La Scala) and submit a participation request. To form a G.I.S., the Cultural Operations Manager must identify the group of adherents concerned, and then schedule and create educational itineraries centred on the theme of Teatro alla Scala and the performances in the programme.


Scholastic Institutions

For students of Scholastic Institutions, the Cultural Promotion Service offers a multitude of possibilities to attend performances, on the basis of the Itineraries, which are redesigned every year according to the titles proposed in the Programme.


Primary Schools traditionally have an opportunity for their fifth classes to attend the Ballet and Concerto initiatives of the Invitation to La Scala Cycle, and the operas of the Great Operas at La Scala Cycle. All these performances are held in the morning or afternoon.


First-level Secondary Schools (middle schools) may attend the afternoon Ballet and Chamber Music Concert initiatives of the Invitation to La Scala Cycle, or the morning General Rehearsals of the Philharmonic Orchestra Season, selected on the basis of the approachability of the programmes, besides, of course, the Great Operas at La Scala Cycle.


Second-level Secondary Schools (high schools) may attend not only the afternoon Ballet performances and Chamber Music Concerts of the Invitation to La Scala Cycle; they may also attend some evening performances of Opera and Ballet in the Programme of the Season, and also, naturally, the morning General Rehearsals of the Philharmonic Orchestra of La Scala, and they have access to subscriptions for the Symphony Season and the Singing Season.

The performances proposed are set within specially created cultural itineraries, and are aimed at enlightening the participation of young audiences.


Universities, Colleges of Music and Municipal Schools of Music

For students over the age of eighteen attending Universities, Conservatories of Music or Municipal Schools of Music, the Cultural Promotion Service offers a chance to attend the Summarizing Rehearsals of the Philharmonic Season, in addition to the subscription Cycle performances of the Symphony Season and the Singing Season. All other possibilities must be agreed directly with the Cultural Promotion Service on the basis of the availabilities at the start of the academic year. Furthermore, students up to and including 26 years of age may purchase single tickets at reduced prices at the Box Office. All other subscription formulas at concession rates are also available at the Box Office of the Theatre.


Municipal Libraries

For adult members of the public, the possibilities offered by the Cultural Promotion Service are manifold and vary from Season to Season on the basis of the availability of the programmed performances.

Opera, repertory and twentieth-century titles, classical ballet and contemporary dance performances, chamber music concerts, symphony and singing concerts, and rehearsals for symphony concerts: these are just some of the opportunities made available through the assistance of the Department of Culture to users of the Municipal Libraries. All the specially-created itineraries must always be agreed with the Cultural Promotion Service.


Senior Citizens’ Groups

For all members of Municipal Groups or Universities of the Third Age, the Cultural Promotion Service offers the afternoon performances of the Invitation to La Scala Cycle for Children and Senior Citizens, in accordance with the characteristics described above.

Persons over the age of 65 also have an opportunity to purchase concession-rate tickets by going directly to the Teatro alla Scala Box Office, in accordance with the sales calendar of the performances published by the Theatre.


Council of Workers

Teatro alla Scala has maintained mutually beneficial relations with the Council of Workers for Cultural Promotion since 1972, reserving a set number of seats for workers at concession rates.

The Council manages a network of contacts with trade union organizations, company leisure clubs, workers’ groups in medium-sized companies, pensioners and freelance workers.

Applications should be submitted through the base organizations: CRAL, CdA, CdF, RSU and others.


To apply for tickets and for information:

Council of Workers for Cultural Promotion

Central Milan Office

Via A. Tadino, 18

20124 Milan

Tel. 02 29 52 68 95/82

Hours: Monday to Friday

11.30 am to 1.30 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm




Cultural Promotion Service

Via Silvio Pellico, 1 (third floor)

20121 Milan


02 88 79 20 12 for Municipal Libraries, Cultural circles and Senior Citizens’ Groups -
Alessandra Covini:


02 88 79 20 14 for Second-level Secondary Schools, Universities and Conservatories -
Roberto Bossi:


02 88 79 20 21 for Primary Schools and First-level Secondary Schools -



0288792013 - Sabrina Magno:


See you at the Theatre!