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Limited view Balcony seats

For every performance the Theatre offers numbered tickets for seats with reduced visibility.

“L’ACCORDO” Association, collaborates with the Teatro alla Scala and is officially responsible for managing the queue, handing out tokens and calling the roll prior to the purchase of the tickets; members of the staff of “L'ACCORDO” Association are provided with identification badges.

Booking method

Opera and Ballet


Afternoon performances

Opening night of December 7th

List opens at




6pm on December 6th

Roll-call for handing out tokens




1:30pm on December 7th


Any changes to the times given above will be communicated in advance on www.teatroallascala.org.


1. LIST REGISTRATION: every spectator must be present in the queue and show their identity document at Via Filodrammatici.
2. ROLL CALL AND DELIVERY OF THE BRANDS: the spectators on the list, present at the time of the roll call at Via Filodrammatici, answer the call and withdraw the numbered tokens for themselves and at most one other person indicated on the list (showing their respective documents). Spectators who do not respond to the appeal lose priority in the queue.

3. PURCHASE: at the end of the roll call of all the people on the list, each spectator, accompanied by the representatives of the Association L’accordo and equipped with the customer code relating to his / her personal registration, can purchase a maximum of 2 tickets at the Theater Ticket Office, exhibiting their respective numbered tokens.


The buyer’s name will be printed on the ticket and he/she will be required to show proof of identity at the entrance to the Theatre. If the names do not match, admission to the Theatre will be denied.
The tickets are sold by the Box Office in sequence and it is not possible to select seats.
No other lists drawn up by individuals other than those appointed by the Teatro alla Scala will be taken into consideration.
Any remaining tickets still available at the closure of sales to listed spectators will be made available to the general public through the Box Office.
We invite the viewers who get to the Box Office in advance to queue up orderly until members of “L'ACCORDO” Association arrive.


For the performances of the Special Projects (Under 30 previews, Grandi spettacoli per bambini, Invitation to the Scala), the balcony tickets are on sale on the day of the opening of sales. The owners of the balcony tickets are also reminded to respect the Regulations of the Hall and in particular the dress code.