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  • Stalls: rows A-N (side seats)
  • Stalls: rows O-X
  • Boxes: 1st and 2nd tiers (nos. 1-12)
  • Boxes: 3rd tier (nos. 13-18)


Seats in the boxes can be sold separately.

Find your seat in the seating plan.


  • A welcome cocktail in the theatre foyer on the opening night of the Cycle chosen.
  • Guided tours for groups of the monumental part of the Theatre and the Museum in the week of the Cycle chosen.
  • Invitations to the cultural events organised by La Scala during the week of the Cycle chosen.

Plus some special gifts:

  • A selection of short videos and pictures of Der Ring on a USB flash drive.
  • Further information on Der Ring directly
  • A limited edition playbill of the Cycle.


Stalls 1 seat € 1.050
Box 6 seats 3rd tier € 5.590
Box 5 seats 1st and 2nd tiers € 3.930
Box 4 seats 1st and 2nd tiers € 3.370


One special gift per Cycle subscription purchased, regardless of the number of seats. Special gifts can be collected in the theatre during the Cycle week..


Teatro alla Scala