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During the performance

In the auditorium, ushers will show you to your seat and are on hand for any questions or needs.


The stalls and galleries have two cloakrooms that you may use free of charge. Boxes have their own private cloakrooms. Bulky objects such as umbrellas, bags, cameras and other items must be left with the cloakroom attendants.

Performance programmes

Programmes can be purchased from ushers in the auditorium and foyers. Programmes are priced at € 20 for the first opera of the season, € 15 for other operas, € 10 for ballets and € 5 for concerts. Programmes for current and past seasons can be purchased from the La Scala Shop.


Subtitle screens displaying the libretto are available in boxes, galleries and on seat backs in the stalls. These screens can be switched on or off and do not disturb spectators around you. Italian and English subtitles are available for all of the season’s operas. For operas in French, German and Spanish, the original version is also displayed. For artistic or technical reasons, not all sets are equipped with electronic librettos. Audience members are not entitled to any compensation should the electronic libretto be out of order.

Accessibility - Lifts

There is ramp access to the stalls for audience members with restricted mobility. A disabled toilet can also be found at stalls level. From this level, patrons can access the galleries via the stairs or by taking the lift from the stalls to the first and second galleries. 
We regret that there is no lift access to boxes. For security reasons, wheelchairs are not permitted in the boxes or galleries.


Ticketholders with seats in the stalls or galleries arriving after the start of the performance will be asked to wait in the foyer or the second gallery respectively until the interval. Box ticketholders may take their seats after the performance has started.

Mobile phones and audio/video recording devices

The use of mobile phones, cameras with or without flash and audio/video recording devices is not permitted in the auditorium.

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