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Fondazione Teatro alla Scala di Milano
Notice of Appointment Procedure for the General Manager

the Fondazione Teatro alla Scala di Milano, with head offices in Milan (Italy), Via Filodrammatici 2 (“Foundation”)

  • Article 8.1, point c) of the Foundation’s By-Laws (“By-Laws”) (published on the website www.teatroallascala.org) provides that – in compliance with the laws and regulations currently in force – the Board of Directors shall have the power to appoint the General Manager of the Foundation;
  • the Board of Directors plans to examine possible candidates to the post of General Manager of the Foundation, who shall be given the functions and powers under Article 10.4 (including any further power that the Board of Directors may devolve to such person in compliance with Article 10.4 of the By-Laws);
  • any person showing interest in the post as General Manager of the Foundation shall possess specific and proven experience in the field of music organization and management of similar institutions, as established in Article 10.2 of the By-Laws, and shall meet the requirements of good standing as provided in Article 5.2 of the By-Laws;
  • that the expressions of interest, the curricula received and generally any personal data provided shall not be made public and the relevant information shall be treated in compliance with the Italian laws on the privacy of the persons concerned, ensuring maximum confidentiality regarding any applications received; any and all data and information (i) shall be accessible exclusively to the Chairman of the Foundation, to the members of the Board of Directors and to the secretary of the Board; (ii) shall not be disclosed to any third party over and above the persons mentioned above; and (iii) shall be cancelled and not subject to any further treatment upon appointment of the new General Manager;
  • in its choice of the General Manager, the Board of Directors of the Foundation shall not be limited to the group of persons who shall have submitted their curricula following this notice, since the Board shall be free to address any other person who meets the requirements mentioned;


  • pursuant to Article 10.5 of the By-Laws:
    • the remuneration of the General Manager shall be established by the Board of Directors in agreement with the person selected;
    • the employment relationship shall be governed by an agreement signed between the parties, and, for anything not otherwise provided therein, by the collective labour agreement for managers of companies producing goods and services;  
  • that the persons interested shall send an expression of interest in which (i) they prove that they meet the requirements established in this notice (also attaching their curriculum vitae), (ii) they declare their willingness to take up the post as General Manager, and (iii) they authorize treatment of their personal data;
  • that the expression of interest must be received by the “Fondazione Teatro alla Scala” on or before May 11, 2013, and it shall be sent in a closed and sealed envelope (not necessarily carrying an indication as to the sender) with the indication “Manifestazione d’interesse Teatro alla Scala” (“expression of interest”) to the attention of the Chairman of the Fondazione Teatro alla Scala, Mr. Giuliano Pisapia – Piazza della Scala 2 – 20121 Milan (Italy); the envelope shall be sent by registered mail, return receipt requested, or hand delivered to the porter’s office of Palazzo Marino, Piazza della Scala 2, att. of the Mayor’s Secretary.

Milan, April 26th 2013