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Official Supplier for the gala dinner

7 December 2014

Just like wine, music is an international language that intertwines discussions and builds friendships. We have always chosen this expressive medium as an ideal language to tell the world about Bellavista and its ongoing commitment to creating a unique combination of power and elegance.
In 2004, when our wines were chosen to celebrate the long-awaited opening of the Teatro alla Scala, we felt the responsibility and pride of representing Italy and its noblest values. We felt honoured, but also inspired by this particular art that takes time, dedication and great sacrifices, but which brings the reward of a unique moment: the magic of the stage. Here, too, we find many similarities with our world: in Bellavista an exceptional raw material is transformed into a toast after many long years of ageing, and by virtue of infinite craftsmanship and attention. Time, space and silence come together to form the explosive energy of a single moment of celebration, the privilege of a toast and a noble tribute to the land of Franciacorta.
With the Teatro alla Scala, every day we toast the spell of a harmony that is entirely Italian.
Francesca Moretti


Teatro alla Scala