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Official Partner of the Opening Night

7 December 2014


“Japan Tobacco International is especially proud to be one of the partners supporting the internationally-renowned event that opens the opera and concert season at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala”, says Piercarlo Alessiani, Chairman and CEO at JT International Italia, on behalf of Official Partner JTI. “This important collaboration, preceded by our support for La Scala’s 2009 Tokyo tour and the three-year partnership signed with the Theatre Museum, is a natural milestone on JTI’s path towards the promotion of Italian excellence in culture and the arts.

“Today’s difficult economic climate and growing problems with the lack of public resources earmarked for culture mean that the business world is now called on to play an active role,” Alessiani continues. “Nowadays a new model for collaboration is required, which goes beyond simple initiative support. These days, cultural institutions need genuine partners with whom to create sustainable and long-lasting projects. “Only in this way can culture continue to be a resource and catalyst for the socioeconomic development of our country. It is in this vein that JTI will continue to collaborate with the Teatro alla Scala Foundation in the coming years to support the promotion of our prestigious partner’s artistic and cultural heritage, in Italy and across the world”.



Teatro alla Scala