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An Italian Dream


La Scala and Tod’s are equally passionate Italian institutions, deeply committed to supporting the Italian tradition of quality without compromise and with consistently high and well-recognised levels of creativity.

Just as behind-the-scenes operations in the theatre’s production workshops – where every set and costume is hand-finished – are the product of the highest standards of craftsmanship, so each Tod’s item has been created with extreme care by expert craftspeople in the Marche region for three generations.

The fruit of this exclusive collaboration is the short art film An Italian Dream. Like the Ballet Company dancer, each of these skilled craftspeople plays a specific and essential role in presenting the finished product to the public.

“The An Italian Dream project signals the start of what I hope will be a long-lasting collaboration. Tod’s and the Teatro alla Scala are both Italian institutions, committed to upholding the skills and traditions that underpin our culture and which make the “Made in Italy” concept so unique. The film shows how art, attention to detail, hard work and creativity combine to create something incredibly special,” comments Diego Della Valle.

Teatro alla Scala