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On 7 December one of the world’s most prestigious stages will be enveloped in a symphony of coffee aromas: Kimbo, the famous brand owned by Cafè do Brasil S.p.A., becomes a partner and official supplier of La Scala opera house in Milan, starting with the 2011-2012 season.

For the duration of the season, members of the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the flavour of Kimbo Prestige in the theatre’s four foyer bars. Kimbo Prestige is a blend of the finest coffees and will be served in espresso cups made especially for La Scala. Furthermore, the opera house will be the setting for a number of special events in which the public will be invited to try one of the many excellent versions of Kimbo coffee.

Kimbo is a Cafè do Brasil S.p.A. brand. Cafè do Brasil was established in Naples in the Sixties by the Rubino family and today is the second most important player on the Italian retail market.

“We feel very honoured to begin this association with La Scala opera house,” says Fabrizio Mannato, chairman of Cafè do Brasil. “In addition to its normal marketing activities, Kimbo aspires to sustain a growing number of world-class cultural initiatives, which are undoubtedly well represented by La Scala, an internationally-renowned ambassador of Italian excellence”.

The innovative Kimbo Coffee Hour campaign focuses on the sensory and interpersonal experience Kimbo coffee can foster, and it played a major role in leading Kimbo along the path to La Scala. Kimbo’s alliance with La Scala is a natural extension of that path, taken to the highest level.


Teatro alla Scala