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Institutional Partner of the Theatre Museum

JTI (Japan Tobacco International) has always been strongly committed to supporting excellence in the arts and culture through high-profile initiatives. In Italy this commitment has taken the form of a long-term partnership with the Teatro alla Scala Museum.
The company’s passion for culture stems from a desire to contribute to the development of the communities in which it operates, and is reinforced by the relationships that it builds with its cultural partners. JTI relationships are genuine partnerships based on respect, mutual comprehension and shared sensibility, and always have a long term perspective in view. These are the values on which the company’s partnership with Teatro alla Scala has been built: collaborating in perfect harmony, major events, exhibitions and projects have been realized.
With its support to the Museum’s centenary celebrations in 2013, JTI set a new milestone in its partnership with the Teatro alla Scala Foundation, a partnership which started with the support to the 2009 Japan Tour, and in the following year was consolidated  by the first three-year agreement sustaining the Museum. JTI has been an official partner of the Opening Night of the opera season since 2010, while in 2013 Japan Tobacco Inc., the parent company of JTI, was a partner of the Tokyo event of that year’s Japan Tour.
Teatro alla Scala