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Die Soldaten

From 17 January to 3 February 2015
Bernd Alois Zimmermann

Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala

New production
in coproduction with Salzburg Festival


The Theatre is pleased to invite the audience to attend the lectures that will be given on this complex and fascinating opera drawn from Jakob Lenz, one hour before the beginning of each performance, at the Arturo Toscanini Boxes Foyer.


Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes intermission included


Conductor Ingo Metzmacher
Staging Alvis Hermanis
Sets Alvis Hermanis e Uta Gruber-Ballehr
Costumes Eva Dessecker
Lights Gleb Filshtinsky
Video designer Sergej Rylko


Wesener Alfred Muff
Marie Laura Aikin
Charlotte Okka von der Damerau
Weseners alte Mutter Cornelia Kallisch
Stolzius Thomas E. Bauer
Stolzius' Mutter Renée Morloc
  Gabriela Beňačková
Der junge Graf Matthias Klink
Desportes Daniel Brenna
Pirzel Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke
Eisenhardt Boaz Daniel
Mary Morgan Moody
Haudy Matjaž Robavs
Obrist Johannes Stermann
Drei junge Offiziere Paul Schweinester
  Andreas Frueh
  Clemens Kerschbaumer
Andalusierin (dancer) Donatella Sgobba
Der Bediente der Grafin de la Roche Werner Friedl
Drei Faehnriche, Drei Hauptleute Stephan Schäfer; Justus Wilcken (27 Jan.)
  Volker Wahl
  Michael Schefts
Madame Roux Anna-Eva Köck
Der junge Faehnrich, Ein junger Jaeger Rupert Grössinger
Der betrunkene Offizier Aco Biscevic
Artistin Katharina Dröscher

Il Canto di Orfeo

Notes on the performances

An ultra-modern theatrical score from the Eighteenth century, which became a formidable monument to Twentieth-century musical modernism. It is an opera that lives and breathes: in fifty years Die Soldaten has had several productions since its world premiere in 1965. The legendary score by Jakob Lenz (1751-92), set in a pre-Revolution France traumatized by war, brings together the illusions of social redemption and the accusation of male irresponsibility, with the usual debt of blood and suffering to be paid by everyone, women and men alike. The genial eclecticism of B. A. Zimmermann (1918-70) merges modernist complexity, recitatives, jazz and electronica, to describe through the medium of music that teems with great emotive strength the mental confusion of the characters and the accumulation of the various catastrophic parallel stories. The impressive staging by Alvis Hermanis, which delighted audiences in Salzburg in the co-production with La Scala, has great impact for its imagery, symbolism and human degradation. The return of Laura Aikin and Gabriela Beňačková in a dream cast.