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Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 16 to 29 May 2015
Giorgio Battistelli

Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro alla Scala

Treble Voices Chorus of the Teatro alla Scala Academy

New Teatro alla Scala Production
World Premiere - Commissioned by Teatro alla Scala


Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes


Conductor Cornelius Meister
Staging Robert Carsen
Libretto Ian Burton
Sets Paul Steinberg
Costumes Petra Reinhardt
Lights Robert Carsen
Peter van Praet
Video Finn Ross
Choreography Marco Berriel


D. Adamson Anthony Michaels-Moore
Indian Temple Singer Sean Pannikar
Archangel Raphael
5th Man (English) - Airport
Dennis Wilgenhof
Archangel Uriel
3rd Man (German) - Airport
Alain Coulombe
Archangel Gabriel
Mrs Mason
2nd soprano - Airport
Orla Boylan
Archangel Michael
4th Man (Spanish) - Airport
Alessandro Spina
2nd Scientist
2nd Man - Airport
Miklos Sebestyén
1st Scientist
6th Man (French) -Airport
Nathan Berg
1st Ecologist
1st Soprano- Airport
1st Woman -Supermarket
Fatma Said*
2nd Ecologist
Mr Changtalay
1st Man (French) - Airport
Ta'u Pupu'a
Eve Pumeza Matshikiza
Serpent David DQ Lee
Gaia Jennifer Johnston
Adam Sean Panikkar
English delegate in Kyoto Sehoon Moon *
Japanese delegate in Kyoto
2nd Woman - Supermarket
Aya Wakizono*
Arab delegate in Kyoto Azer Rza-Zada*
Russian delegate in Kyoto
3rd Woman - Supermarket
Petro Ostapenko*
4th Woman - Supermarket Kwanghyun Kim*
5th Woman - Supermarket Davide Giangregorio*

Notes on the performances

An opera-denunciation on the future of a by-now “terminally ill” Earth, a poor planet that deserves greater indignation on the part of a humanity slumbering in the face of an environment in its death throes. The performance imagines the nightmare scenario of the destruction of the world. It does so going beyond mythology and ideology, even beyond the epic of the entire operatic tradition. The musical architecture of Giorgio Battistelli (1953) transfigures the asymmetric forms of nature; it revives nature, giving expression to the lament of the elements of the Earth in its current state of suffering. The backdrops are the Kyoto Conference, No-Global demonstrations, endangered species, cities at the mercy of hurricanes, civilizations exposed to the risks of climate change, the dumb indifference of the irresponsible, and the ignorance of the impotent masses. The staging was created by the genius director Robert Carsen, who is always attentive to the conservationism issue, as those who have seen his Candide by Bernstein will recall.


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