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Romeo and Juliet

Kenneth MacMillan

Teatro alla Scala Production


From 10 to 23 October 2014

Running Time: 2 hours 50 minutes intermissions included

Notes on the performancesOpen 
Kenneth MacMillan approaches the Shakespearian tale of Verona’s legendry lovers with profound attention to human relations, lyricism and psychological tension, without forgetting moments of humour, through the dynamics and emotions of this ballet d’action which are fully present in Prokofiev’s music. It has been part of La Scala’s repertoire for many years, but in 2010 Romeo and Juliet found a new guise, with the scenography of Mauro Carosi and Odette Nicoletti’s costumes. Walls and bricks bring to mind Verona’s Teatro Romano, with all of its medieval contaminations; the famous balcony is positioned on a tower, the base of which becomes Juliet’s bed; in the crypt that same balcony is transformed into the lovers’ tomb. An expressive set design that interacts fully with MacMillan’s choreography, who demands geometric and precise spaces, that in turn blend consistently with the medieval-renaissance costumes.


Kenneth MacMillan
Revived by
Julie Lincoln
Sergej Prokof’ev
Zhang Xian
Mauro Carosi
Odette Nicoletti
Marco Filibeck


Roberto Bolle (10, 13, 16)

Guest artists 

Alina Somova (10, 13, 16)
Natalia Osipova (11, 14s.)
Marianela Nuñez (21, 23)

Detailed cast 

Detailed cast

Due to a health problem Massimo Murru has to withdraw from Romeo and Juliet's production. The Ballet Direction has decided to entrust the two performances to Gabriele Corrado, who will dance with Marianela Nuñez, Principal of the Royal Ballet, for the first time at the Scala in the role of Giulietta.

Due to his health conditions, previously announced, Ivan Vasiliev has to withdraw from Romeo and Juliet's production.

Teatro alla Scala