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Don Chisciotte

Rudolf Nureyev

Teatro alla Scala Production


From 17 to 27 September 2014

Running Time: 2 hours 40 minutes intermissions included

Notes on the performancesOpen 
On the accessible notes of Minkus, the adventures of Don Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza intertwine, or rather provide the pretext for a love story and an evening of sparkling ballet. From chases, tricks and disguises, the young Kitri and Basilio the barber will fulfil their dream; Don Quixote will fight the windmills and dance with his Dulcinea in the dream of an enchanted garden. There is a hint of a comical pièce from the Commedia dell’Arte in this carefree ballet, amidst Spanish folklore, gypsy dances and the suspended candour of the Kingdom of the Dryads. Glittering and full of character, Don Quixote requires superb technique in the variations, especially in the final gran pas de deux that celebrates the triumph of love: a true test of the talent of every étoile.


Rudolf Nureyev
Choreographic supervision
Maina Gielgud
Ludwig Minkus
Orchestrazione e adattamento di John Lanchbery
Aleksander Titov
Raffaele Del Savio
Anna Anni
Costume supervision
Irene Monti
Marco Filibeck

Guest artist 

Tamara Rojo (17, 19, 24)
Ivan Vasiliev (17, 19, 24)
Natalia Osipova (22, 25, 27)
Leonid Sarafanov (22, 25, 27)

Due to personal reasons that prevent her to leave Moscow, étoile Svetlana Zakharova has to withdraw from Don Quixote’s production. The Ballet Direction decided to assign the performances of 17, 19 and 24 September to Tamara Rojo, who will dance with Ivan Vasiliev. Due to Denis Matvienko’s injury, Natalia Osipova will dance with Leonid Sarafanov.


Please note: the performance on 20th September is at 8 pm and not at 3 pm.

Attenzione: lo spettacolo del 20 settembre è alle ore 20 e non alle ore 15.

Teatro alla Scala