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Der fliegende Holländer

Richard Wagner

New Teatro alla Scala Production
In coproduction with Opernhaus Z
Den Norske Opera & Ballett, Oslo

From 28 February to 15 March 2013

Running Time: 2 hours 45 minutes intermission included

Sung in German with electronic libretto in Italian, English, German

Notes on the performancesOpen 
Following Falstaff, the legendary baritone Bryn Terfel is returning to don the attire of the Dutch ghost, condemned to sail the stormy seas until he can find a woman who loves him to the point of sacrificing herself for him.

Wagner’s first original masterpiece has many strengths: crushing musical power, a truly inventive and fresh approach and, for once, even brevity. And the great “romantic opera” is offered here with new forces from the international scene. In fact we have another new production, staged by director Andreas Homoki, who abandons the rocky Norwegian coastlines indicated by the original score in favour of the more populous and seemingly civilised colonial period of the late nineteenth-century, the time of the elderly Wagner and a period of great travel.

The fantastical element and magical-supernatural elements of the story will be corresponded in the sets; perhaps they will appear even more dazzling and surprising in a context that is less naturalistic than usual.


Hartmut Haenchen
Andreas Homoki
Sets and costumes
Wolfgang Gussmann
Franck Evin


Daland, ein norwegischer Seefahrer
Ain Anger
Senta, seine Tochter
Anja Kampe
Erik, ein Jäger
Klaus Florian Vogt (28 Feb.; 3, 6, 9, 12 Mar.)
Marco Jentzsch (15 Mar.)
Mary, Sentas Amme
Rosalind Plowright
Der Steuermann Dalands
Dominik Wortig
Der Holländer
Bryn Terfel
With the support of
Teatro alla Scala