Excelsior - Preview for Young People

Teatro alla Scala Production


Young people aged up to thirty will have the possibility to attend an exclusive preview of the ballet. The methods of purchase are available on the website; for more detailed information visit the LaScala UNDER30 website (Italian version only).


Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes intermissions included

Notes on the performancesOpen 
In 1881, La Scala’s curtain opened for the first time on Excelsior, “a choreographic composition, historical, allegorical, imaginary, in six acts and eleven scenes” celebrating the triumph of Light and Civilization over Obscurantism. To a libretto and choreography by Luigi Manzotti, score by Romualdo Marenco and sets by Alfredo Edel, the ballet features the steamship, Volta’s battery, telegraphy, the Suez Canal and the Mont Cenis Tunnel in a celebration of the achievements of scientific and industrial Progress, uniting humanity in a common bond.

Excelsior was an extraordinary success, enjoying a run of more than 100 performances in its first season at home and a series of tours abroad, thanks to its symbolic and allegorical worth, which embodied the spirit of the age.

The new 1967 Crivelli/Dell’Ara/Carpi/Coltellacci production, in performance at La Scala since 1974, offers a lighter version of the original in its construction, orchestration, mime and cast (originally numbering over 500 performers) while maintaining the creativity of Manzotti’s ballet and the nostalgic flavour of the Italian spirit in dance.


Ugo Dell'Ara
Filippo Crivelli
revived by
Patrizia Frini
Romualdo Marenco
Musical review
Fiorenzo Carpi e Bruno Nicolai
David Coleman
Giulio Coltellacci
Michele Della Cioppa
Giulio Coltellacci


Roberto Bolle

Guest Artist 

Alina Somova


The Light
Marta Romagna
Massimo Garon
The Civilization
Alina Somova
The Glory
Francesca Podini
The Valour
Emanuela Montanari
The Invention
Beatrice Carbone
The Concord
Giulia Schembri
The Constance
Antonella Albano
Giorgio, the landlord
Gianluca Schiavoni
Kunegonda, his wife
Adeline Souletie
Fanny, fianceé to Valentino
Serena Sarnataro
Valentino, boater
Maurizio Licitra
Emanuela Montanari
Denis Papin
Riccardo Massimi
Volta Alessandro
Matteo Buongiorno
The Fulgor
Antonella Albano
The Cosmopolitic Civilization
Alina Somova
The Chinese
Andreas Lochmann
The Turk
Maurizio Licitra
The Spanish
Andrea Volpintesta
The English
Alessandro Grillo
The Indian Girl
Sabrina Brazzo
The Indian drum player
Matthew Endicott
The Slave
Roberto Bolle
Italian Engineer (from Bardonecchia)
Matthew Endicott
French Engineer (from Modane)
Matteo Buongiorno
and the Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company
Voice of Luigi Manzotti
Edoardo Borioli
With the appearance of the students of the Teatro alla Scala Ballet Academy

Supported by
Banca del Monte

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