Prima delle prime

Notre-Dame de Paris

Teatro alla Scala in collaboration with Amici della Scala
“A. Toscanini” boxes foyer

“Prima delle Prime” is La Scala's cycle of public talks. Offered as a means of introducing and preparing audiences for playbill performances, talks are held several days before the first performance of ballets or operas in the Arturo Toscanini foyer, and feature discussions with field experts about the works in question, providing a great opportunity to find out more about lesser-known works and examine the most famous in greater detail.
The “Prima delle Prime” cycle is organised and made possible by the Amici della Scala (“Friends of La Scala”), a not-for-profit association that supports La Scala's fringe activities.
Under the banner of the “Prima delle Prime” series, the La Scala Ballet also organises conferences, with video screenings, to introduce the season's ballets. These talks are also held in the Arturo Toscanini foyer, with the same start time and the same conditions of entry.
No tickets are required to access the Arturo Toscanini foyer: members of the audience are simply requested to present themselves at the theatre's main entrance in good time. For health and safety reasons, numbers are limited to 150 attendees and entry is regulated by ushers.
On this occasion Patrizia Veroli will speak about Roland Petit's Notre-Dame de Paris, performed at La Scala from 10 February, with the aid of video projections. The talk is titled: “L’esprit de finesse di Roland Petit per un fosco dramma romantico”.

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