Serenade / Dream Time / Le Sacre du printemps

  • 17 09Le Sacre du printemps HP7 0884 photo Kiyonori Hasegawa
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  • 18 04Serenade no.0469 photo Kionori Hasegawa
  • 18 04Serenade no.0339 photo Kiyonori Hasegawa
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  • Dreamtime  G5B8492(photo Priamo Tolu)
  • 17 09Le Sacre du printemps HP7 9786 photo Kiyonori Hasegawa
  • 17 09Le Sacre du printemps HP7 9722 photo Kiyonori Hasegawa
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Ph. Kiyonori Hasegawa
11, 12 July
Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij / Tōru Takemitsu / Igor’ Stravinskij

Tokyo Ballet Company

Orchestra dell'Accademia Teatro alla Scala



Music Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij

George Balanchine

© The George Balanchine Trust

Lights Mark Stanley


Music Tōru Takemitsu
Choreography Jiří Kylián
Sets and costumes John Macfarlane
Lights Jiří Kylián
realized by Joop Caboort


Music Igor’ Stravinskij
Choreography Maurice Béjart
Design Joëlle Roustan and Roger Bernard



La Scala will host the Tokyo Ballet with four performances in July. This internationally renowned Company has been able to appropriate and divulge a typically European dance culture, introducing the great nineteenth-century repertoire to the Japanese public, and is also internationally sought after for its interpretation of many modern and contemporary choreographic works. La Scala’s long-standing relationship with Japan ensured the constant presence of the Tokyo Ballet at La Scala between 1986 and 2010, when the Company celebrated its seven-hundredth international tour performance with an extraordinary performance of The Kabuki at La Scala. Along with a triple bill celebrating the Company’s vast repertoire with a homage to three great 20th-century choreographers, and featuring Serenade by Balanchine, Dream Time by Kylián and Le Sacre by Béjart, the Tokyo Ballet brings back to La Scala The Kabuki, one of Béjart’s best known and most acclaimed works, created expressly for this Company, which the great choreographer elected as the safe-keeper of many of his masterpieces.