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  • GISELLE  ph Brescia Amisano Teatro alla Scala IMG 3941
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  • ph Marco Brescia e Rudy Amisano   Teatro alla Scala  (3)
  • Giselle    Svetlana Zakharova ph Brescia Amisano Teatro alla Scala 570072BADG
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 17 September to 8 October 2019
Adolphe Adam

Running Time: 2 hours 05 minutes intermission included

Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company

Teatro alla Scala Academy Orchestra

Teatro alla Scala Production

Choreography Jean Coralli - Jules Perrot
Revived by Yvette Chauviré
Conductor David Coleman
Sets and costumes Aleksandr Benois
Reworked by Angelo Sala and Cinzia Rosselli
Étoile Svetlana Zakharova (17, 19s, 24 Sept.)