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La finta giardiniera

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From 8 to 29 October 2018
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Running Time: 03 hours 21 minutes intermission included

Teatro alla Scala Orchestra on historical instruments 
Glyndebourne Festival Production


The performance on 11 October will be live broadcast on RAI-Radio3, in recorded broadcast at 9.15pm on RAI5 Tv and in recorded broadcast in Switzerland, Northern Europe, Korea and Japan in 8K.


FIRST ACT 73 minutes / Intermission 35 minutes / SECOND and THIRD ACT 92 minutes

Conductor Diego Fasolis
Staging Frederic Wake-Walker
Sets and costumes Antony McDonald
Lights Lucy Carter


Podestà Kresimir Spicer

Julie Martin du Theil (8, 11 Oct)

Hanna-Elisabeth Müller (16, 20, 23, 26, 29 Oct.)

Belfiore Bernard Richter

Anett Fritsch (8, 11, 16, 20, 23, 26 Oct.)

Marie-Adeline Henry (29 Oct.)

Ramiro Lucia Cirillo
Serpetta Giulia Semenzato
Nardo Mattia Olivieri



Led by Diego Fasolis, the special project dedicated to the rendition of eighteenth-century works on original instruments by the Scala Orchestra’s baroque ensemble tackles its first work by Mozart with La finta giardiniera, which was staged only once, in 1970, at La Piccola Scala. Presented at the Glyndebourne Festival, where it showcased the talent of director Frederic Wake-Walker, the production features a popular cast – already applauded last year for Don Giovanni –, including Hanna-Elisabeth Müller, Anett Fritsch, Bernard Richter, Giulia Semenzato and Mattia Olivieri, that draws on complicity created through shared experience. With them, Kresimir Spicer and Lucia Cirillo, who starred in the last two productions of Händel's operas at La Scala.