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Andrea Chénier - 7 December Opening Night

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  • cattura chenier
  • Riccardo Chailly ph Brescia e Amisano 621837BADG
  • Mario Martone e Margherita Palli ph Brescia e Amisano
  • 9 ©Vladimir Shirokov.jpg netrebko 950x490
  • Salsi Luca PH. Fabrizio de Blasio (71)
  • Eyvazov Yusif copyright by Vladimir Shirkov 6
  • Annalisa Stroppa © Silvia Lewdfwedqwd
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Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
7 December 2017
Umberto Giordano

For the 50th Anniversary of the death of Victor de Sabata

Teatro alla Scala Chorus, Ballet Company and Orchestra
New Teatro alla Scala Production

Running Time: 2 hours 35 minutes intermission included

Conductor Riccardo Chailly
Staging Mario Martone
Sets Margherita Palli
Costumes Ursula Patzak
Lights Pasquale Mari
Choreographer Daniela Schiavone


Andrea Chénier

Yusif Eyvazov

Maddalena di Coigny Anna Netrebko
Carlo Gérard Luca Salsi
La mulatta Bersi Annalisa Stroppa
La Contessa di Coigny Mariana Pentcheva
Madelon Judit Kutasi
Roucher Gabriele Sagona
Pietro Fléville Costantino Finucci
Fouquier Tinville Gianluca Breda
Mathieu Francesco Verna
Un incredibile Carlo Bosi
L'Abate Manuel Pierattelli
Schmidt Romano Dal Zovo
Il maestro di casa/Dumas Riccardo Fassi

The Premiere will be broadcast live on television by Rai 1, Arte (France, Germany), Ceska Televiza (Czech Republic), TMVA (Portugal) and RSI (Switzerland) along with the movie theaters of the All’Opera circuit and the radios of the Euroradio circuit. It will be also broadcast, but not live, on RTP (Portugal) and NHK (Japan). 




Giordano’s masterpiece, Andrea Chénier – which made its début at La Scala in 1896 – has not graced the theatre’s stage since 1985, when Riccardo Chailly starred on the podium, but this year, on December 7th, the Musical Director will once again take the lead, continuing his historic revival of the vast Italian repertoire. On this prestigious occasion, he joins forces for the first time with Mario Martone, an expert director specialized in the creation of historical frescoes for the stage and screen, who – in collaboration with Margherita Palli – directed last year another work by Giordano, La cena delle beffe, inaugurating the rediscovery of Verismo at La Scala. In the lead role, Yusif Eyvazov debuts alongside Anna Netrebko, at her third season opening production, and Luca Salsi.


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