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Ph. Peter Schnetz
From 25 January to 22 March 2018
Johann Sebastian Bach

Running Time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company

New Teatro alla Scala Production

Music Johann Sebastian Bach
Choreography Heinz Spoerli
Piano Alexey Botvinov
Sets and costumes Keso Dekker
Lights Martin Gebhardt



“Every time I listen to Bach, I feel my heart leap”: that is how Heinz Spoerli presented Cello Suites, inaugurating the production of ballets on chamber music at La Scala in 2015. This second ballet production was created in 1993 and is now staged at La Scala for the first time. Alexey Botvinov’s piano, performing the mathematical and symmetrical schemes of Bach's Goldberg Variations, interacts with the movement of the solos, pas de deux and ensemble scenes. For Spoerli, the Goldberg Variations are similar to life: bonds are created, couples get together and are later separated, in perpetual movement.