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Ti vedo, ti sento, mi perdo

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  • Cattura ti vedo, ti sento, mi perdo
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  • 141 K65A0719 Laura Aikin
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  • Salvatore Sciarrino ph Luca Carrà (c) Raitrade 02
  • Maxime Pascal Meng Bois14
  • Jurgen Flimm 2  (c) Hermann und Clärchen Baus
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 14 to 26 November 2017
Salvatore Sciarrino

New Production in coproduction with Staatsoper Unter den Linden of Berlin

World Premiere 

Commissioned by Teatro alla Scala and Staatsoper Unter den Linden of Berlin

Teatro alla Scala Orchestra  

Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes intermission included

FIRST ACT: 50 minutes / Intermission: 25 minutes / SECOND ACT: 60 minutes

Conductor Maxime Pascal
Staging Jürgen Flimm
Stage director collaborator Gudrun Hartmann - Wild
Set designer George Tsypin

Ursula Kudrna

Lighting designer Olaf Freese
Choreographic movements Tiziana Colombo


La cantatrice Laura Aikin
Musico Charles Workman

Otto Katzameier

Pasquozza Sonia Grané
Chiappina Lena Haselmann
Solfetto Thomas Lichtenecker
Finocchio Christian Oldenburg
Minchiello Emanuele Cordaro
Giovane Cantore Ramiro Maturana*

Hun Kim*

Massimiliano Mandozzi

Chen Lingjie**

Oreste Cosimo*

Sara Rossini*

Francesca Manzo*

*Student Teatro alla Scala Academy

** Student Conservatorio G. Verdi of Milan


Ti vedo, ti sento, mi perdo will be live broadcast on RaiRadio3 on 14 November.



To conclude the season, La Scala presents Ti vedo, ti sento, mi perdo, commissioned from Salvatore Sciarrino together with the Staatsoper Unter der Linden of Berlin. Sciarrino, one of the most appreciated contemporary composers and one of the most performed worldwide, has an overriding passion for Italian music from 1500 to 1600. While Carlo Gesualdo was among the sources of inspiration for the highly successful Luci mie traditrici (1998), the focal point of the new opera is the tragic life of Alessandro Stradella (1639 – 1682). Unlike his numerous predecessors, inspired above all by the fictional aspects of the figure of the composer (they include Flotow and Franck), Sciarrino chooses not to bring him on stage and to evoke him solely through the music. The staging is entrusted to Jürgen Flimm and Gudrun Hartmann, who have long-standing artistic and personal relations with Sciarrino, and the baton will be wielded by the young Maxime Pascal, winner of the Nestlé award and conductor of the Orchestra Le Balcon in Paris, dedicated to the music of today. After the success of CO2 by Giorgio Battistelli, La Scala resumes its custom of proposing a contemporary title every year, preferably as a world premiere.


Composition commission with the support of:

Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung