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Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 2 to 21 February 2017
Giuseppe Verdi

Teatro alla Scala Chorus and Orchestra
Salzburg Festival Production

Running Time: 02 hours 35 minutes intermission included

Conductor Zubin Mehta
Staging Damiano Michieletto
Sets Paolo Fantin
Costumes Carla Teti
Lighting Designer Alessandro Carletti
Videos Roland Horvath



Ambrogio Maestri

Ford Massimo Cavalletti
Fenton Francesco Demuro
Dr Cajus Carlo Bosi
Bardolfo Francesco Castoro
Pistola Gabriele Sagona
Mrs Alice Ford Carmen Giannattasio
Mrs Quickly Yvonne Naef
Nannetta Giulia Semenzato
Meg Page  Annalisa Stroppa



Verdi referred to the rest home for musicians that he ordered built in Piazza Buonarroti, Milan, as “my most beautiful work”; Damiano Michieletto unites the Maestro’s last two creations and crafts a Falstaff of extraordinary delicacy and humanity. The bitterness and decline of the aristocratic bon vivant are tenderly received within the walls of the Casa, faithfully reproduced by the production designer Paolo Fantini. The podium is entrusted to the sublime elegance of Zubin Mehta and the quintessential Falstaff, Ambrogio Maestri, strides the stage, seduced and hoodwinked by Carmen Giannattasio, Giulia Semenzato and Annalisa Stroppa; Massimo Cavalletti and Francesco Demuro play the roles of Ford and Fenton. Created in Salzburg, the show finds its natural setting under the watchful eye of la Madonnina.