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Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

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Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 16 March to 5 April 2017
Richard Wagner

Teatro alla Scala Chorus and Orchestra
Opernhaus of Zurich Production 

Running Time: 05 hours 26 minutes intermissions included


FIRST ACT: 1 hour e 24 minutes / Intermission: 30 minutes / SECOND ACT: 1 hour 2 e minutes / Intermission: 25 minutes / THIRD ACT: 2 hours e 5 minutes

Conductor Daniele Gatti
Staging Harry Kupfer
Sets Hans Schavernoch
Costumes Yan Tax
Lighting Designer Jürgen Hoffmann
Choreography Derek Gimpel
Video Designer Thomas Reimer



Jaquelyn Wagner

Magdalene Anna Lapkovskaja
Hans Sachs

Michael Volle

Michael Kupfer-Radecky (5 Apr.)

Sixtus Beckmesser Markus Werba
Stolzing Michael Schade (16 Mar.)
Erin Caves
David Peter Sonn
Pogner Albert Dohmen
Kothner  Detlef Roth
Hans Foltz Miklos Sebestyen
Der Nachtwächter Wilhelm Schwinghammer
Hans Schwarz Dennis Wilgenhof
Hermann Ortel James Platt
Konrad Nachtigal Davide Fersini
Balthazar Zorn Markus Petsch
Kunz Vogelgesang Iurie Ciobanu
Augustin Moser Stefan Heibach
Ulrich Eisslinger Neal Cooper
Die Lehrbuben Oreste Cosimo*
  Aleksander Rewinski**
  Jungyun Kim**
  Geremy Schuetz*
  Francesco Castoro*
  Santiago Sanchez**
  Omer Kobiljak
  Katrin Heles**
  Alice Hoffmann**
  Dorothea Spilger*
  Franziska Weber**
  Sofiya Almazova**
  Mareike Jankowski*

*Students of Accademia Teatro alla Scala

**Students of Mozarteum Salzburg


Persisting illness, Michael Schade has to withdraw from all the performance of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. La Scala thanks Erin Caves who will interpret the role of Walther von Stolzing.
Milan, 23 March 2017.



After Verdi’s bittersweet comedy Falstaff, the 2016/2017 Season presents the high comedy of Wagner: an opportunity to listen to one of the most acclaimed interpretations of Daniele Gatti, committed to drawing attention to the chamber music weft of a brilliant and extremely refined score. Contributing to the musical harvest is a stupendous cast bringing together Michael Volle, the foremost Sachs of our day, and Markus Werba as Beckmesser. The performance is directed by Harry Kupfer, the grand old man of German theatre, who recently regaled audiences at La Scala with Der Rosenkavalier, while the scenery by Hans Schavernoch recreates the atmosphere of the ancient city without taking refuge in simple figurative reproduction.