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La cena delle beffe

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  • La cena della beffe
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Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 3 April to 7 May 2016
Umberto Giordano

Teatro alla Scala Orchestra
New Teatro alla Scala Production

Running Time: 2 hours intermission included

Conductor Carlo Rizzi
Staging Mario Martone
Sets Margherita Palli
Costumes Ursula Patzak
Lights Pasquale Mari 


Giannetto Malespini Marco Berti
Ginevra Kristin Lewis
Neri Chiaramantesi Nicola Alaimo
Gabriello Chiaramantesi Leonardo Caimi
Il Tornaquinci Luciano Di Pasquale
Il Calandra Giovanni Romeo*
Fazio Frano Lufi
Il Trinca Francesco Castoro
Il Dottore Bruno de Simone
Lapo, Un cantore Edoardo Milletti
Lisabetta Jessica Nuccio
Laldomine Chiara Tirotta*
Fiammetta Federica Lombardi*
Cintia Chiara Isotton

*Academy of Teatro alla Scala


Before each performance, Franco Pulcini will hold an introduction to the opera at the A. Toscanini Boxes Foyer. The meetings will start one hour before the beginning of each performance and the entrance is reserved to the audience with the ticket for the performance.



With the return to La Scala of La Cena delle Beffe by Umberto Giordano, that was inaugurated in the same location by Toscanini in 1924, the project of bringing back to La Scala the main masterpieces of the Verismo repertoire gets underway. La cena della beffe, the musical version of a successful pièce by Sem Benelli (who is also the author of the adaptation of the libretto) that had a great many revivals throughout the world - in the early 1900s with protagonists like Sarah Bernhardt and even in the cinema in 1941, where it was directed by Alessandro Blasetti and featured Amedeo Nazzari - is an opera that maintains modernity and dramatic effectiveness. It is an ideal title for a director with theatrical, operatic and cinematographic experience like Mario Martone, who will be supported by one of the best loved scenographer of the La Scala audience, Margherita Palli. It is conducted by Carlo Rizzi, an expert of Italian repertoire, and the singers will be Kristin Lewis, Marco Berti and Nicola Alaimo.