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L’heure espagnole - L’enfant et les sortilèges

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From 17 May to 6 June 2016
Maurice Ravel

Teatro alla Scala Chorus and Orchestra
Glyndebourne Festival Production

Running Time: 2 hours 05 minutes intermission included

Conductor Marc Minkowski
Staging and costumes Laurent Pelly

Barbara de Limburg (L'enfant et les sortilèges)

Caroline Ginet and Florence Evrard reworked by Caroline Ginet (L'heure espagnole)

Lights Joël Adam


Concepcion Stéphanie D’Oustrac
Gonzalve Yann Beuron
Torquemada Jean-Paul Fouchécourt
Ramiro Jean-Luc Ballestra
Don Iñigo Gomez Vincent Le Texier


L’enfant Marianne Crebassa
Maman, La tasse chinoise, La libellule Delphine Haidan
La bergère, La chauve-souris Anna Devin
L'horologe comptoise/Le Chat Jean-Luc Ballestra
La chatte, L’écureuil Stéphanie D’Oustrac
Le feu, La princesse, Le rossignol Armelle Khourdoian
Le fauteuil, Un arbre Jerôme Varnier
La théière, Le petit vieillard, La rainette Jean-Paul Fouchécourt
Une Pastourelle Fatma Said*
Un Pâtre Chiara Tirotta*
La Chouette Elissa Huber*
*Teatro alla Scala Academy



The ironic fairy-tale production of the two operas by Ravel conceived by director Laurent Pelly in 2012 will be coming to La Scala from the Glyndebourne Festival. The extreme and thoughtful refinement of the L' Enfant et les Sortilèges, the libretto for which was prepared by Colette, and the sensual sharp-wittedness of L’Heure find a performer of natural affinity in Marc Minkowski, the popular conductor of Mozart’s Lucio Silla in 2015. And from the cast of Lucio Silla, there will also be a return by mezzosoprano Marianne Crebassa, who already won over the Milanese audience in the past.