Beyond Opera. Extraordinary events in 2016/17

La Scala Theatre Museum, which celebrated 100 years of activity in 2013, is among the foremost theatre museums in Europe (with more than 250,000 visitors a year). Established through the unfaltering resolve of some of the greatest exponents of Milanese culture of the early 1900s, still today the Museum evokes the desire to open itself up and put itself at the service of the city of Milan to be a centre for the dissemination of culture, and a stimulus to perpetrate and enrich one of the legacies that make it unique: Teatro alla Scala.
Three different initiatives within and across diverse interests not only lead the audience to discover the stories, the characters and the trades of musical theatre, but above all, let them personally experience the magic and zest that permeates the world of Opera and of Ballet.



A Museum as a salon



What a spectacular Museum!



Museum without limits