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La Scala on Pinterest

For this 2012/2013 Season, La Scala has decided to open an account on Pinterest.

For those not yet in the know, Pinterest is a social network based on sharing pictures gathered on boards, that is, virtual noticeboards subdivided into interests or categories, where it is possible to “hang” pictures by sourcing them directly from the web using a pin, or by means of “re-pinning” pictures from other users’ pages, or simply by uploading them.

What convinced us to embrace this new “digital adventure” enthusiastically were the opportunities offered by Pinterest.
Our desire is not to present you, our public, with a simple picture gallery; rather, we want to meet you, focusing on the common ground of pictures, which speak an extremely powerful and universal language, so that we can explore, find inspiration, discover, learn, give free rein to the imagination, and share…

For La Scala, Pinterest will be precisely that: a mosaic of interests and passions that are uncovered through pictures, a collection of starting points, ideas, and suggestions that take form through the selection of and the care taken with the visual contents.

We wish to share this new platform with you, and we want it to be a place for our and your creativity, an inspirational and imaginative place … just like the Theatre, our first and greatest passion.