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Info for ticket holders and subscribers

The "Cura Italia" Decree (n. 18 of 17 March 2020 and subsequent amendments) regulates the refunding method for tickets in case of performances cancelled in the Italian theatres due to the COVID-19 emergency. Article 88 of the Decree establishes that refunds are to be made through "the issuing of a voucher of the same amount as the tickets purchased, to be used within 18 months of issuing" (unless further government deferrals).

It will be possible to use the voucher to purchase tickets or season tickets for any performance at the Teatro alla Scala, on sale during the validity period of the voucher. Therefore, it will be possible also to purchase performances that will take place after the expiration of the voucher but already on sale.


The holders of tickets for events canceled between February 24 and July 16, 2020 have the possibility to request the voucher of the same amount as the tickets purchased, to be used within 18 months of issue, by filling in the form at this link and attaching in the form the scan/picture (front) of the relative tickets.
The issuing of the voucher can be requested no later than June 19, 2020 (unless further government updates), and will be sent by email (or by ordinary mail, in the case that the customer does not have an email address) within 90 days from the date of receipt of the form.

Subscribers of the Teatro alla Scala, at the end of the period of suspension of the events involved and once the eventual reprogramming of the performances has been communicated, will receive by email (or by ordinary post if requested) a single voucher corresponding to the total amount of the performances in the subscription not staged, together with the methods to use the voucher itself and the new proposals for the Subscribers.

Alternatively, it is possible to support Fondazione Teatro alla Scala’s activity and donate the value of the tickets (by simply choosing not to request the refund) or the value of subscription (according to the methods that will be communicated in detail in a dedicated information).

Any support is crucial in promoting, in such gloomy and uncertain times, the reopening of the Theatre and the spread of art and music in Italy and worldwide.
The donators of the tickets value will also have the opportunity to purchase tickets for Teatro alla Scala performances before the normal opening of sales, both for the current Season and next Season.

For more information, you can also write to lascalarisponde@fondazionelascala.it.
The Foundation wishes to thank all its public for the participation and support.