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Caramba Pavilion

Wardrobe - Costume Design - Costume Fitting

When the wardrobe was moved to the Ansaldo Worskshops, the worshop space increased by 300%, allowing a different work organisation.
All the workers work next to the costume designer, from the design stage to the creation, going through the different working stages with handmade procedures.
In one season, 800 to 1000 new costumes are made and almost 1500 from the warehouse are refashioned and made to correct measure.



Costume Storage

Almost 60,000 costumes, belonging to over 280 productions from 1911 up to today, are kept in 1400 wardrobes that are distributed over a 1400-square-metre area.


Each costume is washed during its passage from the warehouse to the wardrobe before being used on stage, and washed again after the last performance.


Teatro alla Scala